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Writing has always been the centre of my life. I've had sixteen books published and I relish challenge and change. I've never stuck to a particular genre. I'm right with Patricia Highsmith in her article about 'The Price of Salt' ('Carol') when she said that if a book has to be written, then it has to be written, because it's in your chemistry at that particular time.
It has such amazing rewards for me. It brings me a really wide spectrum of readers, for one thing. And then there's the travel.....after all, if I'd always stuck to narrow genres I would never have journeyed to the Arctic in 1845 (The Ice Child); I would never have investigated an 18th century murder and discovered the all-out psychological warfare between a man and his mother-in-law (The Damnation of John Donellan). I would never have looked deeply into the mind of a Victorian painter and been hypnotised by his every brushstroke (The Girl in the Green Glass Mirror). I've imagined being lowered into a deep Somerset mine and been crushed by its claustrophobia (The Wrong House); and let myself sink into the strange effects of a benign brain tumour (Second Sight) and synaesthesia (Out of Reach). I have tried to stand in the muddy hell of 1916 in France (The Wild Dark Flowers) and  the Edwardian atmosphere of a Yorkshire estate (Rutherford Park). I've put myself in the place of a German prisoner of war suffering from shellshock (The Gates of Rutherford). I have fallen in love with a child that I never knew I had, and walked into their autistic world (A Road Through the Mountains). I've inhabited the insane world of a television TV show (This Way Up and Up and Running) and, in the cause of Learning by Heart, I've witnessed a wonderful Easter in Sicily. I've been harrassed by a strange neighbour (intimate Obsession) and by an obsessive friend (You Belong to me) and been defrauded by a faithless husband (Little White Lies). Sometimes I've been astonished or disturbed by what I discover; sometimes amused and sometimes moved to tears. But always, always, so excited by what I'm doing.
At the moment I've just finished a novel set in Georgian London, and also a non-fiction investigation of a supposed murder in 1815. I'm now turning my thoughts now to that slow-grinding destroyer of souls, emotional abuse. Stay with me, it's going to be unbearably addictive.....
I welcome your comments. Just click on the 'Contact' page to email me. I'm also on Twitter at CookeElizabeth and on Facebook under Elizabeth Cooke.
Happy journeys, and happy discoveries.........

All my back titles writing as Elizabeth McGregor have been published by Open Road Media.

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